Institutions & Civil Organisations

INSTITUTIONS & ORGANISATIONS engaged in shaping drug policy and treatment services in Georgia

Inter-Agency Coordinating Council for Combating Drug Abuse

within the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, established by the Presidential Order on 22 November 2011.

Information on the Human Rights Council resolution by MoHSA:
The main objectives of the Council are to elaborate state strategy on the combating drug abuse in line with the human rights standards and considering the situation analysis of the country, as well as to draft, periodically revise and monitor the implementation of the strategy and action plan, and to coordinate intergovernmental activities.

The current strategy basis for drug policies is National Drug Strategy and Action Plan (2016)

Center for Mental Health and Prevention of Addiction
Founded in 2012 after merging of Research Institute of Psychiatry and Research Institute of Addiction
Leading institution in the field of mental health and addiction in Georgia with long traditions and expertise
see also: Treatment

MoLHSA – Ministry of Labour Health and Social Affairs


The civic sector has become more active in the solution of the drug problem.
Georgian Network of People Who Use Drugs (GeNPUD) became active during last 3 years.
Georgian National Drug Policy Platform (GNDPP)
• established in April, 2016.
• It is a network of Forty (40) active Non-Governmental Organizations and community groups.
• The Platform aims at involving CSOs, community organizations and experts in development of balanced national drug policy and advocating for effective and human drug policy.

Georgian Harm Reduction Network (GHRN) – a group of non-governmental organizations that advocate the use of public-health policies to reduce drug abuse.

Package of draft legislation amendments
• The changes and amendments in the Georgian Administrative and Criminal Codes
• The new reduction of the Law of Georgia “On Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substances, Precursors and Narcological aid”
• The new list of fixed quantities (small, big and very big quantities) of controlled substances
• The new drug testing procedures
Addiction Services Development Concept/ Transition plan for Georgia
The Concept of Primary Prevention

Beckley Fundation – British NGO working in the field of science and advocacy, promoting evidence-based policies around the world
Information on the Human Rights Council resolution by MoHSA

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