Support of Addiction Prevention in Georgia

an initiative aimed at raising competencies of Georgian specialists and local authorities in the field of planning, constructing and conducting local prevention programs.

Inauguration took place in June 2017, in Tbilisi.
Actions include trainings in Tbilisi, and participation in workshops and international conferences in Warsaw.

The teorethical range of the program

During trainings, experts will deliver a comprehensive knowledge of i.a.:

  • types of prevention (universal, selective, indicated)
  • key factors of effectiveness, and possible mistakes in pursuing the prevention process
  • quality standards and evidence based methods of prevention

Participants will also get acquainted with methods of creating and evaluating local prevention strategies, as well as ways constructing prevention programs, which include defining local environment, identifying possible risks and finding adequte interventions adressed to specific groups.

The study visits in Poland

Both visits will begin with workshop organised by Praesterno Foundation, followed by 2-day international conference and visit to the chosen institutions. Participants will also have chance to learn about the programs conducted in Poland.