In 2015, the National Centre for Disease Control and Public Health (NCDC) conducted an EU funded nationwide survey to study the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs among young people in Georgia by the means of an European school survey method (ESPAD2).

ESPAD target group – the 10th grade students were selected from different regions of Georgia and 73% of them constituted the ESPAD target group – the students born in 1999.
The two-stage (school and class) proportionate simple random sampling was applied in the study, which resulted in a total of 2,477 fully completed questionnaires later subjected to processing.

AVERAGE any 18 cannabis 16 xtc 2 Amph 2 Meth 1

middle-low rates of lifetime illicit use: any drug use has been reported by 15% of pupils, compared to European Average of 18%

high prevalance of drugs other than cannabis:
large differences among boys and girls in prevalence:
lifetime – any illicit – 24% boys 6% girls ; other than cannabis: 11% to 3%
large prevalance of inhalants: 12mo – 6% on avarage, 6,9% Girls
large prevalance of NSP: 12 mo – 14% on avarage, 17% boys