Training in Georgia – Session 3

date: 4-6 December 2017


Agnieszka Pisarska 3h, lecture
System of Prevention Programs Reccomendation in Poland

Janusz Strzelecki, Jolanta Koczurowska 4h, lectures
Ethics in addiction prevention and therapy.
Therapeutical community as a work-method.

Zygmunt Medowski, Jolanta Koczurowska, 6h lecture + workshop
Analisys of selected prevention programs (case studies).

Tomasz Kowalewicz 4h, lecture
Evaluation of selected prevention programs – methodology and effects:
Unplugged, Program of Counteracting Youth Pathological Behaviours

Anna Borkowska, 5 h
Prevention at school.

Tomasz Kowalewicz, 2h
Program summary and evaluation questionnaire.